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Queens’ College in Cambridge, has been a centre of learning for more than 550 years and boasts a rich, complex and varied history much like the thriving academic community it supports.  Committed to academic excellence and diversity, Queens offers one of the most comfortable and welcoming of Cambridges working colleges but still retains its historical charm, beauty and traditions.

The College combines medieval and modern architecture in extensive gardens. It sits astride the River Cam, its two halves joined across the river by the famous Mathematical Bridge.  Queens also has two libraries, both of which are located in  the oldest part of the College. The War Memorial Library supports junior members, providing a study space and core resources across the range of tripos subjects. The Old Library houses the Colleges manuscripts,  rare books and other special collections and documents.  TESS are delighted to have been chosen to supply a new PrismHD manuscript case to the Old Library to help display some of their most precious works.


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