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The Verulamium Museum in St Albans is run by the district council in Verulamium Park (adjacent to St Michaels Church) and contains much information about the town, both as a Roman and Iron Age settlement, plus Roman history in general. The museum was established following the excavations carried out by Mortimer Wheeler and his wife Tessa Wheeler. It is noted for the large and colourful mosaics, and many other artefacts such as pottery, jewellery, tools and coins from the Roman period. Many were found in formal excavations but some, particularly a coffin still containing a male skeleton, were unearthed nearby during building work. It is considered one of the best museums of Roman history in the country and has won an architectural award for its striking domed entrance.

TESS are delighted to be supplying our Evolution Modular System cases for their expanding temporary exhibition programme.


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